Urban Feast is a new concept in restaurant management that brings together years of innovation and excellence. It is the uniting factor for a group of restaurants – Troppo, The Post East Lansing, Tavern on the Square, Grand Woods Lounge – on the leading edge of dining and entertainment in Lansing, East Lansing, and Grand Rapids.

From the 2000 opening of Troppo in East Lansing, to the unveiling of Moveable Feast catering company in 2007, the Urban Feast group has worked to change the status quo. After a successful run in East Lansing, 2004 brought a move to downtown Lansing for the highly acclaimed Troppo, and the opening of The Post in Troppo’s former location. In the fall of 2005 the group expanded to Grand Rapids with the introduction of the Grand Woods Lounge. Next up, the group continued to bring about the revival of downtown Lansing with the 2006 debut of Tavern on the Square. 2007 saw the Post completely remodeled as a cosmopolitan lounge, and the launch of our catering company Moveable Feast.